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SMSF Administration

We provide a competitively priced SMSF administration service to allow you to focus on investment performance. Utilising the latest technology and data feeds, we offer an efficient and competitively priced annual administration service. We also set up funds, arrange for rollovers to be received or sent, wind up funds as well as manage the annual audit. Our services can include ASIC management of the trustee company and personal tax returns of the trustees.

SAABA provides a complete end to end compliance and administration service for SMSFs.

  • You can choose the software or we can recommend the best one for you and your circumstances. We are agnostic and able to support all major SMSF software platforms.
  • We can provide SMSF assistance for funds in arrears or also in real time.
  • We can work closely with your Financial Planners running practice software such as XPLAN to reconcile data feeds at agreed intervals and use this information for SMSF administration and compliance purposes.